What are your Insurance Options as a Freelancer?

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Running your own business day to day, reaching out finding new clients and building your portfolio are all pretty terrifying; but the task that appears to send a shudder down even the most confident freelancers back is getting insurance.  Insurance doesn’t need to be scary, it also shouldn’t be avoided. As a freelancer, it is crucial to your business that you are protected.  It’s easy to forget that mistakes can happen to the best of us and when they do they can be costly.

As a photographer, damaging your camera on the day of a shoot could leave you with days or even weeks with no work, as you fight with time to come up with the money to replace it or repair it. Undertaking calculation work as part of a role in construction, what if your figures were just out? A simple error like this could result in project down time and huge financial loss to yourself and your client. The last thing you want is to be sued by a client and have no way to defend yourself.

Don’t worry though there is a way to protect yourself and this is where we come in. Caunce O’Hara specialise in the freelancer and contractor market. Whether you are a freelance photographer, digital marketer, journalist or engineer; trust me, if you’re thinking it, we have been asked it. We want you to be safe and it’s our job to make sure you are, no matter what it is you do.

To give you a little food for thought the main areas of insurance cover we would suggest for you to start off with as a freelancer or contractor are:

Professional indemnity

This is usually the most important insurance policy for freelancers; this policy can protect your business should mistakes be made and a client sues you for financial loss. This could arise from problems like, unintentional breach of copyright, negligence or lost and damaged documents. This policy also includes defence costs whether you are to blame or not.

Public liability

Will help to protect you if you cause injury to your client or a member of the public. It will also help you in the event you cause damage to a client’s property whilst carrying out work, this could be something as simple as spilling your coffee on their laptop. Public liability covers you for the cost of settling or defending a claim.

Employers’ liability

This policy is a legal requirement if you employ anyone, the only exception being if you’re the sole employee and you own over 50% of the shares in your company. Employers liability protects you against the cost of injury or illness to an employee during the course of employment with yourself.

Personal accident and sickness

When you are the business, getting seriously ill or injured so you can’t work means your business will suffer, along with your personal income. With personal accident and sickness insurance, you’ll get a lump sum or a weekly amount, depending on what’s happened, to cover your income. It usually protects you for incidents away from work, too, like if you were injured while cycling at the weekend.

Tax enquiry and legal expenses

Provides cover for legal defence costs in the event contract disputes and includes debt recovery, tax and VAT investigations. This policy can also help you in the event of an IR35 investigation.  Legal costs can add up to thousands of pounds, make sure you are protected.

It can all seem a little much can’t it; but, you don’t need to worry about the ifs and buts, Caunce O’Hara are here to help. Insurance can be a whirlwind, with so many options out there how do you know what’s right for you?

Whether you are just starting out or have been freelancing for many years and need to update your cover our advisers are on hand day to day to help with any questions you may have, just give them a call on 033 33 211 403. In a rush, and know exactly what you need, our fast-online quotation system can have your documents sent over to you instantly. On top of this there are great savings to be made through our partnership with Super Contractors what more could you ask for. To take advantage of these great savings just click here.

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