7 Tech Items That Are Obsolete… Just Like Our Broker Fee

Technology comes and goes. It becomes smaller, faster and more powerful. These days it seems crazy to carry around a camera, video camera, MP3 player, laptop, paper maps, etc when it can all be done from your single smartphone.

Read on for our list of 7 Tech Items That Are Obsolete… Just Like Our Broker Fee.

  1. Dial-Up Internet

Aah the good ol’ days. Back when it took a lot of effort (and time) to connect to the internet. The excitement begun when you could hear the horrible screeching noise of a 56K modem trying to dial in. Then wait a good few minutes while Ask Jeeves loaded and you were ready to surf the web…slowly.

  1. Stylus PDA’s

The personal digital assistant. A palmtop. A handheld device that combines computing, telephone, internet and networking features. These are the future, we won’t need anything else… Wait, what’s this Blackberry… oh a touch-screen smartphone with everything I need. See ya Stylus PDA.

  1.  Backing Up Your Data On Floppy Disk or CDs

No need for those physical devices anymore now that our heads are in the Cloud. If you’re not backing up or working online, you’re doing it wrong.

  1. Fax Machine

Who needs fax machines when we can do more things in a quicker and easier manner? Email an agreement with an electronic signature, share a file through WhatsApp or even upload documents to Dropbox. Fax machines, fax off.

  1. Buttons on Phones

Remember when your screen took up less than 50% of your screen. Then there was those bumpy things at the bottom of your device, called buttons. You used them to dial, you used them to text and you even used them to play Snake. They were simpler times – but would you go back?

  1. Dedicated MP3 Players

This isn’t so obsolete but just evolved and integrated within other technologies. The MP3 player is now a standard on any mobile device. Even having individual MP3 files are now becoming less common, with albums and playlists now available to be streamed from Spotify or Google Play.

  1. Pagers

Also referred to as a beepers. The text messaging of the past, that had an inability to reply to a page. Receiving a page came with a total panic of “OMG IT’S BEEPING! Quick where’s the nearest phone so I can call them?!” Thanks to mobile phones, pagers are dying off.

What have we missed? Can you think of tech items that have become irrelevant or unneeded? Comment below.



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